Despite years of practice, the task of describing myself remains difficult. No one involved wants to hear a heartfelt exposition, yet I have little time (or space) to project an image that will satisfy a diverse audience.

After spending nearly thirty years as an Information Technology consultant designing strategic applications, assimilating new technologies, and implementing messaging platforms, I followed my sweetheart to Chicago and earned an MA in History, focusing on American Empire. Given the state of academe, I must consider those two years immensely satisfying if not lucrative. The synthesis of the two topics, and their themes of technology, power, and culture, has led me write about American Empire within the context of one of my great appetites, science fiction.

You can find a list of my work and links to the publications on the Writing page. As I am fairly new to publication, rest assured that I will keep it updated as new essays appear. There are several essays percolating as I write this, so I hope 2016 proves to be a productive year. If you're so inclined, following me on Twitter is a great way to stay informed, as I definitely consider it social media. I also curate the Twitter account @scififacts, which tweets random science fiction trivia.

Aside from what you see here, I try my damnedest to make use of the New England coast and sail whenever possible, am continually striving to create the ultimate cheeseburger, and can be seen walking along the North Shore with my rescued (and crazy) bully-mix Garbo.

Best wishes.