Not a CEO, nor banjo player, nor Kiwi telecaster...

My name is rather common, but I am working on my SEO.

This is the home of the science fiction-crazed, former IT consultant, sailor, and pop-culture writer Michael Miles. Hopefully someday I can change the heading (although I'm sure they are all nice guys) but for now I must accept my subordinated celebrity status.

Nevertheless, visit here if you want to learn about my current projects. I have begun a series of essays mostly centered around how the Star Trek franchise reflects American (U.S.) identity. The most recent, titled "Who Tends to Captain Picard's Bromeliads?" was just published by the L.A. Review of Books. I will keep this space updated as subsequent essays are placed.

For those who want a little takeaway gift before you leave, I have compiled a list of my favorite books, in case you're looking for something worthwhile to read. I hope you enjoy them!